Dance Styles

There are over 80 dance classes available on a weekly basis in the following styles:

Pre-School classes

Pre-School lessons are fun half hour classes for children from the age of two and a half, with the first lesson free. Classes incorporate lots of music Pre-School children will know. Classes available are Funky Steps (for movers & groovers), Fairy Feet (pre-school ballet) and Mini Movers (4 year olds only).  The classes incorporates moves that helps to develop co-ordination, musicality and confidence. Using props in the class also adds to the interest and excitement for the children. After the first lesson a concession card can be purchased for $30.00 which covers 5 lessons and is able to be used over a period of three months. We have a fun relaxed mid-year Pre-School dance concert, the children love the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends.


Ballet is the best training for a dancer; it helps with posture, technique and confidence. The academy follows the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus and BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited) syllabus.  

Students work towards examinations, however not every child will enter for exams.  Pre Primary to Grade 1 Ballet have one lesson per week.  Grade 2 and above must attend two lessons per week if the student wishes to sit the exam.  Class length varies according to to the age and grade that the dancer is in.


Musical Theatre

Open musical theatre dance classes available for junior through to seniors



Jazz is the most popular form of dance in our studio it helps with flexibility, technique and versatility. Students in Modern Jazz learn the JDNZ (Jazz Dance New Zealand) syllabus and/or the BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited) syllabus and/or GDQ (Global Dance Qualification) syllabus and work towards examinations, however not every child will enter for exams. The Jazz syllabus covers a variety of dance styles including jazz, contemporary, modern ballet, hip hop, cabaret and soft shoe. Class length varies according to the age and grade that the dancer is in.

Many students choose to attend 2 Jazz classes per week to help prepare them for exams especially in the senior grades but that is not compulsory.

Hip hop

Hip Hop helps to develop co-ordination, style and fitness. Students have the option to sit RBM (Rhythm Beats Movement) Hip Hop exams and to perform onstage in the exam dance competition day.  

We also have open hip hop classes for boys only.


NZAMD (NZ Association of Modern Dance) Contemporary exams are available for students who have attained Grade 4 Jazz and/or Ballet.

Students have the option to sit JDNZ (Jazz Dance New Zealand) Lyrical medal tests. Classes are available to students who already have dance experience in Jazz or Ballet.


Tap classes are held on Saturday, the academy follows the BAL (Ballet Australasia Limited) syllabus doing both original and Tap ‘n’ Beats syllabi.  Students work towards examinations, however not every child will enter for exams.

STRETCH LEAP AND SPIN/ KTL (Kicks, Turns, Leaps)

These classes is fantastic to improve flexibility, strength, fitness and dance technique. Students have the opportunity to sit the NZAMD (NZ Association of Modern Dance) banner award exams or they can just attend the class to help extend their skills for stretch, leap and spin.


IDT Acrolink syllabus where you can learn acrobatic skills and tricks and improve your flexibility in a safe and fun way. There are three levels; junior/intermediate and senior which progress and extend the individual dancer.

Competition Work

Competition Troupe

To be a member of a competition group it requires commitment to the Academy team. Troupe members practise weekly and are required to get a studio jacket for wearing to competitions as well as purchasing a one off costume per troupe dance. As well as competing in various Auckland Competitions throughout the year students have the option of travelling nationally and/or internationally each year. There are also opportunities for performing out when we get invited to perform at various public events. 

Solo, duo, trio dance competition work

There is opportunity for solo, duo, trio competition work to be arranged between student and teacher. Students learn a dance choreographed for them; it requires a costume and regular private lessons.