Our show is the highlight of our dancing year for most of our pupils.  Please note that we are no longer able to hold a show on the Monday night so please take a careful note of the show dates and details below:

No normal classes will be held after 28th November.


SHOW PHOTOS WITH REHEARSAL: Most likely Friday 4th December for group photos but details to TBA.




All items will practice their dances onstage at the Avondale College Performing Arts Centre, Victor St entrance. These special practices onstage will be held for every item in our show.  Please come early in costume with the correct required hairstyle and be prepared to stay for at least 30-45 minutes from the beginning of your time.  We need everyone to practise the items onstage to learn spacing, where to come on from and to set lighting.  Times will be put up soon on the website on the AWDA news page and also up on the studio wall, please ensure that you write down times required carefully.  The order practising will be in the order of the show; please check the show programme draft on the studio wall so that you know which half your child is performing in.Wednesday rehearsal is for items in the 1st half and Thursday rehearsal is for items in the 2nd half.



Onstage at AVONDALE COLLEGE Saturday 5th December, for EVERYONE.  100% ATTENDANCE IS VITAL!!

Note: there are no spectators in the audience during the Saturday rehearsal.  


·       1ST HALF students will be needed at 10:45am to be ready to dance at 11:00am and stay until finale practice and teacher notes have finished.  The programme will be run through once only this year so do not be late.  We start with number 1 on the programme so it is imperative the first few items are there early!!   OPEN ITEM is the first item so if in this item you must arrive early ready to dance at 11:00am.  


·       ALL STUDENTS FINALE approximately 12:00pm-1:00pm – COMPULSORY for all students to attend.  Parents are to come into the audience to listen to notes.  


·       2nd HALF students will be needed at 12:00pm for finale rehearsal and then then stay for the 2nd half rehearsal.  This should finish around 2:15pm.  The programme will be run through once only this year so do not be late


·       Juniors – please do not leave until you are advised.  Any juniors who are in the 2nd half only need to be at the venue by 11.15 to line up for the finale rehearsal.


·       MEN’S ITEM is at the end of the first half run through (at the end of the half), so please be ready by 11:45am.  You do not need to stay for note or the finale afterwards.


SHOW DATES – All students in both shows:

SATURDAY 5th December – 4:30pm show

Dancers performing in the 1st half will need to be there at 4:00pm, earlier if you are in the first few items.  Dancers in the 2nd half will need to be there at 5:00pm.

Finale is in costume at end of the show for all senior students (juniors can have an early night).


SUNDAY 6th December – 2:30pm show

Dancers performing in the 1st half will need to be there at 2:00pm, earlier if you are in the first few items.  Dancers in the 2nd half will need to be there at 3:00pm.

Most JUNIOR items are in the first half of the show, students are to get changed into nice street clothes for prize giving, return any hired costumes and pack up all gear.  SENIORS will come onstage for finale, leave stage during the junior prize giving, pack up gear and return hired costumes then be come back onstage for senior prize giving.  

We think the show will finish approximately 5:00 p.m. Once the show and prize giving has finished we need to be out of the venue within half an hour.


TICKETS –   Please do not leave buying tickets too late!



We would love all our pupils to see the whole show but dancers MUST NOT come into the audience so please do not purchase a ticket for them.  


We expect the Sunday afternoon show to sell out!!  Parents may enter after the show has finished on the Sunday to watch prize giving if there are spare seats.

TICKETS –   Tickets are to be ordered through iTICKET

Book online                                                    

For phone booking call 0508 iTICKET 0r (09) 361 1000

Payment may be made by credit card or by cash/eftpos (via NZ Post shops*)

*this is a payment facility only, tickets must first be booked via iTICKET, post shop payments will incur an additional $2 admin fee. There is an eTicket option when purchasing tickets.

Booking fees will apply from iTicket

Adult Tickets (15 years and over) – $28

Children’s tickets – $20

NoteDancers must not come into the audience on the nights they perform, so please do not order tickets for them. 


2020 Exam Results:

JDNZ Exam & Assessment Results  

We had over 100 jazz exam, and jazz assessment candidates this year.  Well done everyone, we had excellent results once again.  Special congratulations to Bella Brough, Hope Strom, Georgia Thompson & Sarah Tupara who all passed their Jazz solo diploma (for this exam there is only pass or fail as a result), we are very proud of your achievement!

Congratulations to all our jazz exam students who achieved Honours with Distinction, which in Jazz Dance NZ is at least 95% 

Advanced 2 Jazz:   Bella Brough, Hope Strom, Sarah Tupara

Major:   Aimee Akutsu, Brooklyn Davies, Gur Parsaad Kaur Khalsa, Alessandra Mutton, Maya Pinto, Marise Reiher, Ana Tanoi

Pre Major:  Ella Pillai, Jenna Platt, Rhianna Stevens, Madison Wood

Grade 6 Jazz:  Findlay Moody, Holly Murray, Layla Roberts, Leah Williams

Grade 5 Jazz:  Isabel Fonoti, Sian Tatana

Grade 4 Jazz: Elysse Boston-Martin, Holly Hickman, Eliza Liu, Sonya Mason, Jaya Nelson, Elle Shao, Addison Williams

Grade 3 Jazz: Grace Fonoti, Eliza Liu, Della Ngarotata, Cameron Platt, Sophie Scott, Eva Skinner

Grade 2 Jazz: Charlotte Byrne, Aria Costin, Grace Hale, Phoebe McAllister, Gemma Ritson, Madison Sealey, Zoe Skevington, Alicia Story, Kate Turnbull, Mia Zhang

Grade 1 Jazz: Kezia Glass, Grace Manuela, Lilly Sefton, Coco Veber-Nichols, Sarita Wang, Freya Wester, Liya Whyte

Pre Grade Jazz: Grace Bi, Emily Wicks 

Junior Jazz: Rilla Burling, Ruby Wood

Well done to the following assessment students who received Special Merit. 

Dance Stars:  Liesel Butler, Emily Hareb, Ava Heke, Mia Foster, Bianca Maich, Emily Skevington, Rose Suamili

Little Dancers:  Magdalena Bowman, Madeline Breetvelt, Ella Skye Byrne  

Lyrical Medal Tests Results

Excellent results; congratulations to all students’.  Congratulations to the following students who received Special Merit.

Platinum:   Stevie Barker, Bella Brough, Georgia Thompson, Sarah Tupara

Advanced Bronze:  Gur Parsaad Kaur Khalsa, Alessandra Mutton, Aimee Parris, Jenna Platt, Rhianna Stevens, Sian Tatana 

Senior Silver: Isabel Fonoti, Elle Shao 

Junior Bronze: Phoebe McAllister, Gemma Ritson, Diana Shao, Zoe Skevington, Sarita Wang, Emily Wicks

BAL Exam Results

Congratulations to our BAL exam students on their results this year especially our senior students on passing their exams. BAL’s Honours Distinction is only given in ballet grades.

The following BAL ballet students passed with Honours Distinction:

Grade 5:  Caprice Chao, Isabel Fonoti, Elle Shao, Addison Williams

Grade 4:  Isabel Fonoti, Mia Whyte, Ella Ye 

The following BAL Jazz students passed with Honours Distinction:

Elementary:  Stevie Barker, Brooklyn Davies, Gur Parsaad Kaur Khalsa, Alessandra Mutton, Aimee Parris, Hope Strom

Grade 5:  Alessandra Mutton, Aimee Parris 

Grade 3:  Isabel Fonoti, Elle Shao, Sian Tatana

The following Tap students passed with Honours Distinction:

Tap ‘n’ Beats Stage 9:  Lucy Martin, Georgia Thompson

Grade 5:  Elysse Boston-Martin, Madison Wood

Grade 3:  Isabel Fonoti, Lilly Sefton, Elle Shao, Sian Tatana

RAD Exam Results

Congratulations to our students on your results and especially our senior students who all passed their difficult exam.  

The following ballet students passed with Distinction:

Advanced Foundation:  Georgia Thompson

Grade 4:  Brooklyn Davies, Isabel Fonoti

Grade 2:  Isabel Fonoti, Elle Shao, Addison Williams

Grade 2:  Aria Costin

NZAMD Contemporary Exam

Wonderful results for our Contemporary exams, well done everyone.  Special Congratulations to Sarah Tupara who passed her Contemporary solo diploma (this exam there is only pass or fail as a result).

Ballet Assessment & Hip Hop Exam Results  

Congratulations to all ballet assessment & Hip Hop exam students’ who sat their their assessments/exams this year.  Excellent results were achieved!


Further information regarding the show and rehearsals will be emailed soon.  If you are new to the studio and have any questions please contact Kym  

Kym 027 264 7287