A.W.D.A. Newsletter February 2021


We would like to welcome everyone back to our academy and give a special welcome to new students and parents.


AWDA Website & Facebook

All information is available on our website. Check it out!!  www.awda.co.nz.  Please ensure that you have joined our parent portal on the website, registered for classes and verified your address so that you will receive communication from us.

If you are on Facebook search for “Auckland West Dance Academy” and click on “like” – it will include a link to our website, useful dates and other information.  Please also find and follow our Instagram page.


Now is a great time to start dancing or learn another form of dance – ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, tap or our NEW genre this year acrobatics.

We have vacancies in all levels from Little Dancers up. 

Depending on enrolments and interest we have new classes available:  

Junior Bronze Lyrical – Monday 4:30pm (6 to 8 year olds)

Senior Gold Lyrical – Tuesday 6:30 (13 & over)

Acrobatics – Tuesday 5:15pm (Junior), Tuesday 5:45 (Intermediate), Tuesday 6:30 (Senior)

Senior Open Class – Wednesday 7:15 (experienced dancers mixed genres, guest teachers)

Stretch Leap & Spin – Thursday 4.45pm (Grade 4 and above)

Contemporary Level 1 – Friday 3:30 (10 to 13 year olds)

Adult Class – Saturday 12:00pm – $10 per casual lesson ($10 per casual lesson, mixed genres – all welcome)

Beginners Tap – Saturday 12:45pm (7-10 year olds)

We have 6 Pre-school classes – Fairy Feet (Pre School Ballet) – Tuesday 9:30am, Saturday at 10:30am.

Funky Steps (pre-school dance classes for movers and groovers) Wednesday 3:45pm, Friday at 3:30pm and Saturday at 9:00am 

PLUS Mini Movers (Pre School classes for 4 year olds only) 11:00am Saturday class. 

Please enquire with Kym or at the office about any classes.      


Term Fees  All fees include GST.  

Note all fees to be paid in the first 3 weeks (by Saturday 27th February).

If you wish to take advantage of the prompt payment discount of $5 per fee, be sure fees are paid in full by Monday 15th February.  

Please do not subtract the prompt payment discount after this date

Only paid up members of the academy will be accepted into class after this date.    



IF PAID by 15 February

½ hour



¾ hour



1 hour



1¼ hours



Extra discount for multiple lessons per week:

10% for 2 or more classes per week      

Please subtract the multiple lesson discount after taking off the prompt payment discount

When registering for classes on our parent portal to receive the prompt payment discount please enter the code:

SAVE#(and the number of classes per week attended)

SPECIAL OFFER: Take as many dance classes as you like for only $600 per term with our UNLIMITED package (t&c’s – for one sibling only, no other discounts apply, does not include competition lessons, troupe, senior open class, technique or private lessons).  This replaces the 15% discount previously offered for 4 plus classes.

*Please note Term Fees per term are based on 8 – 9 lessons.  Term 1 is 10 weeks long this year.


If you cannot work out your own fees from the table above, please see the office.

Fees – please give cash directly to the office so you can receive a receipt.  Fees may also be paid by credit card on the parent portal or by internet banking.

Please try to replace any missed classes during the term by attending another class at a different time to your normal class, preferably at the same level.  Sorry no credits for lessons missed.  Catch up lessons allowed.


Office Hours 2021

Please take note of the new office hours for this year:  

Monday:  4:15 pm – 5:15 pm

Tuesday:  3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Wednesday:  5:15 pm – 6:15 pm

Thursday:  5:15 pm – 6:15 pm

Friday:  3:45 pm – 5.00 pm (only open first 3 weeks of term)

Saturday:  9.00 am – 12.00 pm

New and recycled dance wear is available for sale in the office.  If you wish to sell dance wear you have grown out of there is a $2.00 seller fee, old uniform styles not needed.  


Teacher News

We have some amazing and talented new teachers this year.  Welcome to Maddy Golightly who is teaching Wednesday Hip Hop, Bella Brough who will be teaching Tuesday acrobatics and Brooklyn Davies who will be teaching Friday Pre School and Primary Ballet.  We look forward to having you all share your skills and knowledge with our future dancers.  


AWDA Renovations

You will notice that we are renovating the studio at the moment!  It’s not quite finished yet but we are getting there with our fresh new look.  Thank you so much to the following people who have helped us with our painting/renovations; we really appreciate it:

Leigh Davies, Greg Davies, Brooklyn Davies, Callum Davies, Annike Macrae, Jo Skevington, Marea Clarkson, David Clarkson, Gemma Rundle.  Thank you to Tash Barker for the wonderful photography and to Stevie Barker who designed our amazing logo and has done so much behind the scenes to make this all happen.


“Freedom” – It was another great show!  Thanks again everyone!! 


DVD of “Freedom”

We are sure you will enjoy the DVD again this year. DVDs that were prepaid are available to be picked up in the studio office.  A very limited number of DVD’s are still available to purchase.


Costume Bonds

If you hired a costume off Coralie for “Freedom” and were not able to collect your costume bond at the DVD day or the Saturday enrollment day, please contact Coralie directly to arrange a suitable time to collect ph: 0274 809 344.


Well done to our 2020 AWDA Scholarship winners – 

Lower Grade Jazz – Coco Veber-Nichols

Senior Jazz – Addison Williams

Ballet – Addison Williams

Hip Hop – Misa Ichimiya

Tap – Sian Tatana

Lyrical – Rhianna Stevens

Contemporary – Gur Parsaad Kaur Khalsa


Please park thoughtfully – Park well forward, taking care that your car does not protrude into the driveway.  Please only park in AWDA car parks (not the car park direct in front of the dairy or the butchers).  Note the back car parks are only for teachers cars. Parking is also available across the road from the studio, on Rosier Road or Kamara Road.


It is “students only” in all classes in the downstairs studios, viewing is only from classes in studio 1.  No spectators in studio 2 & 3 please – unless you are new to our academy. You are then welcome to observe every lesson for the first two or three weeks.  


GROOMING  Let’s start the year well by ensuring correct dance attire is worn to all lessons.  We want you to look and feel like dancers AND most importantly we need to see if your posture and placing are correct.  This is not possible if Tees/sweatshirts are worn over leotards.  

Hair must be tidy.  Long hair is to be in a bun for ballet, lyrical and jazz.  For Hip Hop hair should be in a ponytail.  Except for ear studs, no watches and jewellery may be worn.  



JAZZ – Compulsory for all students:  Purple leotard, and once students have reached Grade 1 black/purple ¾ tights over the leotard.  Faith style black leotard from Pre Major and above.  Full length mocha tights are to be worn up to Pre Grade.  Optional extras also available i.e. summer shorts and singlet tops.  All of the uniform is available to purchase in the dancewear shop in the office.  Males – Uniform available to be ordered.

BALLET – Compulsory for all students: Mulberry leotard and optional skirt (for lessons only) up to and including Grade 5, Faith style black leotard with optional skirt for senior levels.  Please ensure you have the correct theory books as required from Grade 1 upwards.

Hip Hop students – Compulsory for all lessons – AWDA hip hop top and pants.  Please keep your black canvas shoes clean and only wear them inside the dance studio, NOWHERE ELSE.  

Acrobatics students – Compulsory for all lessons – AWDA jazz uniform.


Consistently poorly groomed students will be asked to sit and watch rather than take part in their class.


Music & Books for Practice

CDs $8, Syllabus books – $3-5 (jazz grades/junior ballet grades) to $8 (senior ballet grades).  

Most music and syllabus books are ready NOW for you. Please buy yours as soon as possible.


Lost Property is kept in the kitchen.  Unclaimed items will be given to the Salvation Army.  Left behind drink bottles will be put in the cupboard under sink in the kitchen; however we can only keep these for one month as there is no more storage available.  Remember to name your drink bottles that you bring to dancing.


Kym 027 264 7287