2020 August Newsletter


Welcome to all our new students starting this term.  

We hope you enjoy dancing with our academy.


Term 3 finishes on Saturday 26th September.


J Our new timetable starts Saturday 5th September although all our exams are not over. 

The new timetable, cancelled classes during exams and exam timetables are available online at www.awda.co.nz on the exam details page.  All students will receive a notice regarding this.

During exam week there are no ordinary lessons on as per notices given.  For Saturday students – there are no cancelled classes during exams.  It’s a great time of the year – when all exams are over and new work and show items will be started.


Contemporary Exams  Sunday 6th September, examiner TBA.  Exam rehearsal 16th August.


Hip Hop Exams  Sunday 13th September, examiner is Miss. Albert.  Exam rehearsal 16th August.  Please check the timetable carefully on the studio wall as this has now changed slightly. 


All exam and exam rehearsal timetables are up on the studio wall and on the studio website.


Students Only Weeks

We have wonderfully quiet classes with no distractions for the students, this is two out of every three weeks, viewing is only from studio 1.  These weeks also help with parking at peak times.  Thank you parents for co-operating so well.  

In our normal classes please be as quiet as possible when observing.  Would parents take their other children outside if they are unable to keep them still and quiet?  Please only one or two people observing classes, our studio cannot cater for more people.  

Do not leave your children unattended if they are playing in the waiting rooms or stairwell.  Please do not leave children unattended playing in the carpark.


To get your monthly newsletter and important show information emailed to you please send a request to info@awda.co.nz.  Please note newsletters are only sent electronically.



Little Dancers (Beginners) – New classes starting after the exams on Saturday with Sarah 11.30 (first lesson 5 September) for 4 ½ to 5 ½ year old dancers.

Pre Primary Ballet – New class starting after the exams on Saturday with Stevie at 12:00 (first lesson 5th September).

Virtuosity –open pointe and ballet variation class – New class starting after the exams on Wednesday with Kym at 4:45 (first lesson 9 September).

Level 1 Hip Hop – New class starting after the exams on Wednesday with Faith at 4:00 (first lesson 16 September) for 6-8 year olds.

Contemporary – New class starting after the exams on Friday with Nichola at 4:00 (first lesson 18 September) for 10-13 year olds.

Show Open Item – with Kym – 12 & over Monday 7:15pm (first lesson 14th September), under 12 Saturday 1:30pm (first lesson 19th September).  Names are being taken now, please book in fast to avoid disappointment.

Men’s Item CALLING ALL DADS – How about joining in the men’s item for the show this 

year – guaranteed fun!!  NEW RECRUITS WANTED.  Rehearsals will be on Mondays at 8:30pm, first lesson 6thSeptember.


If you are interested in joining into a new class to be in an extra show item this year please contact the office.



ALL STUDENTS – Please do not walk into our academy wearing your dance shoes.  Our studio floors get dirty extremely quickly with students who wear their shoes outside. Carry your dance shoes in, and then put them on.  This will also look after your dance shoes. 

Hip Hop students do not wear your Hip Hop dance shoes anywhere else. 


2020 Annual Show – ‘Freedom

Lessons for our show will begin soon after the exam season.  

SHOW rehearsals – Wednesday 2 & Thursday 3 December at Avondale College.  Full Running Rehearsal Saturday 5 December at Avondale College.

SHOW performances – The show is on 6 & 7 December at Avondale College (Sunday afternoon & Monday evening shows). 

If you think you will not be able to be present for all the rehearsals and show dates please let us know now, before items are taught and fabric purchased.

All items will be in both show performances.  The Sunday afternoon show will have the Junior prize giving and the Monday evening show will have the Senior prize giving.


Sponsorship Advertising

There are places available for advertising in our show programme.  Sponsors will also be acknowledged in our newsletter and may leave an advertising flyer/poster to be displayed at the studio.  Please enquire with Kym if you would like to advertise your business through AWDA.


Studio Ph: Kym 027 264 7287 / info@awda.co.nz