Arrive 15 minutes prior to your photograph start time.  If possible, come already in costume; and for student’s old enough please drop your child off and pick them up 45 minutes later.

Please get changed and wait in studio 1.  Note it is $8 for emailed photos (no printed photos this year).  Group photos will be available to order at the show.

Photographs will be taken in studio 2, caregivers to stay upstairs.

Rehearsal in costume after photograph is taken in studio 3.

Expect to be there for 45 minutes.  

Example – if you photo is at 2:00pm, arrive at 1:45, photo at 2:00pm, rehearsal at 2:15pm, finish at 2:30 if running on time.  If you arrive at the time your photo is meant to be taken you could miss out on having your photograph taken, we will not wait or redo photos however you are welcome to get an individual photo (however these must be paid for on the day).


Sunday 29th November (AWDA) Photo Schedule


09:00 –   Wannabe (Tap), The Man (Little Dancers)

09:15 –   Butterfly Fly Away (Pre Prim/Prim), White Walls (L1/L2 Hip Hop)

09:30 –   Who I Am (G4 Jazz), Mmmm (Senior Contemp)

09:45 –   Waterloo (Pre Grade & G1 Jazz), Body Language (Int Contemp) 

10:00 –   We are Family (Junior & G1 Jazz), Bloom (Primary Ballet)

10:15 –   Whipped Into Shape (Snr Jazz), Schindler’s List (G6/Major Jazz)

10:30 –   Loyal Brave True (Jnr Lyrical), We’re Not Gonna Take It (G2 Jazz)

10:45 –   Aquarium (G1 Ballet), Don Quixote (Int Foundation)

11:00 –   Fuego (Troupe), Smile (Senior Gold Lyrical)

11:15 –   Free Free Free (L3 Hip Hop), Jailhouse Rock (Dance Stars/Jnr) 

11:30 –   Break Free (BAL Jazz), Seize the Day (G2 Jazz)

11:45 –   Lunch Break

12:15 –   Paquita Excerts (Snr Ballet), I See You (G4 Ballet)

12:45 –   I See the Light (G2 & G3 Ballet)

1:00 –     Freedom Beyonce (L10 Hip Hop), Land of the Free (G5 Ballet)

1:15 –     Breaking Free (G3 & G5 Jazz)

1:30 –     To Build a Home (Adv Silver Lyrical), Bird Set Free (Senior Lyrical)

1:45 –     Control (G5 & Pre Major Jazz), Finally Free (G3 Jazz)

2:00 –     My Power L5 &L6 Hip Hop, Can Can (Snr Jazz)

2:15 –     Finish


Note:  No photographs for Men’s item or open item – photos will be taken at Avondale College