Term 2 ends on Saturday 29th of June.  Term 3 begins on Monday 22nd July and ends Saturday 28th September.  Some lessons will be cancelled during exam week. 


Jazz Exams, Lyrical Medal Tests:  Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August examiners:Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Insley.

BAL exams – dates are Sunday 11th & Monday 12th August.  Examiner TBA

RBM Hip Hop exams – Sunday 18th August.  Examiner TBA.

Contemporary, RAD Exams & Assessments – TBA.



All the exam timetables will be up on the studio wall once confirmed (available to be emailed to you plus up on the website in the AWDA news page). 


Please take very careful note of the date and the time of your exam.  In most cases it will be necessary to arrive one hour early on exam days.  Also write down the exam rehearsal date and time.  It is essential that everybody attends the exam rehearsals as it is the only chance to practice in the exam room in the smaller exam groups.  Please check that you have the correct regulation uniform required for the exam.

The rehearsals are taken like a real exam.  Sorry no observers allowed.


Our academy has ten days of exams, medal tests and assessments so double check that you have the correct day and time for your exam.  Please ask if unsure.


Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop Exam Rehearsals and Lessons:  From Sunday 30th June until Sunday 7th July for exam students only.

Reminder – there are only exam rehearsals and exam lessons this week (no ordinary lessons).  Again please take careful note of lessons arranged as in most cases these will be at different times than usual classes.  The cost of the lessons and the exam rehearsal was included in the exam fee.  If you are not entered for an exam you will not have any classes this week. 


·        Please note during the week 5-9 August there are no lessons on for any Jazz or Lyrical classes.

·        Please note during the week 12-16 August there are no ballet or BAL Jazz lessons.

·        Hip Hop lessons will be cancelled 21-23 August.

·        Contemporary and Saturday classes are on as usual.


Although not all of the exams will be over we will need to start the new timetable for normal lessons on Monday 19th August. 

Most students’ times will not change but some will need to change. A higher grade may mean longer lessons and this affects all the classes afterwards on the timetable.  This is the main reason for any time change.   


We may also be joining a couple of smaller classes.  Notification will be given to students whose times need to change.  If the new time is unsuitable contact Kym as there may be an alternative class.  Notices will be given out to any class that needs to have a timetable change as soon as the new timetable is worked out.

Annual Exam Dance Competition Days - Our academy is holding our exam dance ribbon day in the Oratia Primary School Hall on Sunday 28th July.  Morning session is for all our hip hop, ballet and lyrical students and the afternoon session is for our jazz exam students from Beginners to Pre Major.  We are looking for parents to help out on the day; please contact Sandra at the office if you are interested.  If in the past your child has been a recipient of an AWDA scholarship we would appreciate your time to help “give back” to the studio. 


This day is to raise funds for the annual scholarships.  The “Award Days” are also great to help work towards the exams, assessments and medal tests.  We expect everyone will again enjoy the opportunity to dance onstage in an encouraging and friendly atmosphere, gaining confidence and experience.  The programme will be given out during exam rehearsal week.  If you are not sitting exam but wish to take part in the exam dance competition it is $5 per entry.


AWDA Trivia Night is on Saturday 29th June at Titirangi Beach Hall, come along have some fun - great prizes to be won.  Doors open 6:00pm, trivia starts at 6:30pm.  Tables will be set up with 8 players per table to work together as a team.  Tickets $20.00 per person, tickets are available to purchase from the studio office.  Drinks and snacks are available plus a cash bar.  Please support our fundraising for our overseas competition trip.


“Show Stoppers” is the theme for our show this year.  The show dates are Sunday 1st December & Monday 2nd December with rehearsals 27th, 28th & 30th November.  Please note that we have a Sunday afternoon show with the Junior prize-giving and a Monday evening show with the senior prize giving.  All items and dancers will perform in both show performances.

Ballet students should be wearing ballet tights for all classes.  Ballet and jazz students should have their hair in a bun.

Hip Hop students must dance only in the clean black canvas shoes they keep for hip hop dancing and be wearing AWDA Hip hop uniform.


The best time to start ballet, jazz or Hip Hop is when new work is started after the exam season in August so that a whole year will be spent on the syllabus. 


If you wish to join and be in the Lyrical or Contemporary show item you will need to start immediately after the exam season.  Please see Kym about available classes.


Please contact the office to put your name on the waiting list if you are interested in taking part in the open item this year.


If anyone wants to arrange private lessons before their exams please do so now.  See the teachers directly. Private lesson fees are $30 per ˝ hour.

You may arrange to share a lesson with someone else.


Please park thoughtfully at our academy.  Sometimes cars are taking two car parks.  Be sure to park well forward too.  At our busy times it may not be possible to park in our car park, but there is parking available only a couple of minutes away in Rosier Rd and Kamara Rd.  Please do not park in the carpark next door as it is private property.


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Keri 021 274 1411

Sarah R 021 204 1083                                                                                                                          

Georgia 021 124 4514

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