Our show is the highlight of our dancing year for most of our pupils.  Although it is at a busy time of the year try to enjoy all that goes with it.


If you have not yet paid your term fees these must be settled ASAP.  No prizes are able to be awarded to students with outstanding fees.


WE NEED HELP with the running of the show

If you can help with any of the following jobs for either or both shows, please see your class teacher, fill in the kitchen helper sheet on the studio wall or phone Robyn, (the co-director) 021 263 1407 or Kym 027 264 7287.  We need -

w  At least one mother/caregiver to supervise each item in the show.  This includes being at both show dress rehearsals and shows.  The supervisor will have to assist Robyn lining them up and by checking that all dancers are correctly groomed; helping if needed.  Two parents can share a group and do one show each but both will need to be at the rehearsals so they know what to do.  Supervisors will need to look after the group of children during the show.  Please see your class teacher if you can be a supervisor.

w  Ushers

w  People to help at the kitchen during rehearsals and show performances

w  Seniors to help sell programmes / raffle tickets / supervise juniors / help with juniors at finale.


Please note that only official supervisors will be allowed to stay backstage during the show except for the group supervisor or if your child is in a fast change dressing room.  We will not have room for other parents to be backstage during the show.  Please have your child arrive fully dressed with the correct make-up and hairstyle.  For younger students (under 10 years) requiring a costume change during one half of the show the parent may briefly come backstage to help until the costume change has been completed.   Older students will need to change themselves or you will need to arrange with another parent/senior student who will be backstage during the show to help your child to get changed if they are in more than one item. 


Without parent help we cannot run the show.  Every dancer performs at both shows.  If possible please watch one show and help on the other show night.  Please note that no fathers are to be in the girls’ dressing rooms, we will have a separate male dressing area.  No mobile phone cameras are to be used in any of the dressing rooms. 


No normal classes will be held after 23rd November.


Recording of our show: Video taping and cameras are welcome at the Wednesday and Thursday rehearsals BUT NOT during the real shows.  We have arranged for professional DVDs to be made of the whole show. The DVDs will cost $30.00.  NO PREPAYMENTS BUT YOU CAN PRE ORDER.  CASH ONLY ON PICK UP which will be at the studio on SATURDAY 14th DECEMBER 10.30am – 12.00pm.  No DVD’s will be posted out.  Depending on availability more may be available to purchase next year at enrolment day, please pre order to ensure that you do not miss out.


SHOW PHOTOS WITH REHEARSAL: In the last week there are no lessons held at the studio.  On Sunday 24th November students who are in the show have a photograph day at AWDA studio’s which will include a rehearsal in the studio in your costume after the photograph is taken.  Individual photographs need to be paid for on the day - $7 for a printed or emailed photo and $10 for a printed photo plus it emailed.  Group photographs will be ready to view at the show performances.  Orders will be taken then for these and available for pick up on enrolment day as will individual photos.  No other cameras or camera phones are to be used at the photograph session or in the theatre during the shows.  Times are on the website on the AWDA news page and also up on the studio wall, please ensure that you write down times required carefully.




All items will practice their dances onstage at the Avondale College Performing Arts Centre, Victor St entrance. These special practices onstage will be held for every item in our show.  Please come early in costume with the correct required hairstyle and be prepared to stay for at least 30-45 minutes from the beginning of your time.  We need everyone to practise the items onstage to learn spacing, where to come on from and to set lighting.  Times are on the website on the AWDA news page and also up on the studio wall, please ensure that you write down times required carefully.  The order practising will be in the order of the show; please check the show programme draft on the studio wall so that you know which half your child is performing in. Wednesday rehearsal is for items in the 1st half and Thursday rehearsal is for items in the 2nd half.



Onstage at WAITAKERE COLLEGE Saturday 30TH November, for EVERYONE.  Note this is not at Avondale College this year as the hall was unavailable.


All the dancers get ‘a talk’ on the stage after the first run through.  Please do not leave until you are told you may go.  Everyone will need full makeup.   There are no spectators in the audience during the Saturday rehearsal, there will not be the space at Waitakere College for this.  Note:  every single item will run through twice; please fully change your costume & hair for all practices. We will have a short break between the first and second run through to assist with changes.


1ST HALF students will be needed at 8.30 a.m. to be ready to dance at 8.45am, until approx. 11.30am.  The programme will be run through twice.  We start with number 1 on the programme so it is imperative the first few items are there early!!   OPEN ITEM is the first item so if in this item you must arrive early ready to dance at 8.45am.  If you are in an item towards the end of the half we will allow you time to change between run throughs back into your first costume.  Senior’s in the first half only must stay until 2:00pm for the finale practice and parent notes. 


JUNIOR SCHOOL FINALE 11.30am-12.30pm – COMPULSORY for all juniors to attend.  Parents are to come into the audience to listen to notes.  Juniors - please do not leave until you are advised.  Any juniors who are in the 2nd half only need to be at the venue by 11.15 to line up for the finale rehearsal.


MEN’S ITEM This year included in the first half run through (at the end of the half), however we will do the 2nd run through immediately so you will not need to wait around.


SENIOR SCHOOL FINALE 1.00pm-2.00pm – COMPULSORY for all seniors to attend.  Parents are to come into the audience to listen to notes.  Any senior who is in the 2nd half only needs to be at the venue by 12.15 to line up for the finale rehearsal. 


2ND HALF students will be needed, ready to dance, at 2.00pm until 4.30pm approximately. This will be run through twice; costume / dance notes will be given between run throughs.  You may leave after your second practice.

Please note, every single item will run through twice on Saturday.


Delicious, healthy food and drinks will be sold on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday rehearsals as well as a Fundraising BBQ.   If anyone is interested in helping out for an hour or 2 (or more if you can) on these rehearsals or the show performances before and during interval please fill in the sheet on the studio wall.  This will be to fundraise money for our students.  We are not allowed food or drink in the hall or the changing rooms.  We will need to eat and drink outside or in the foyer.

We would love all our pupils to see the whole show but dancers MUST NOT come into the audience so please do not purchase a ticket for them.  On the Wednesday and Thursday rehearsals please feel welcome to have your children watch the parts of the show they have not seen BUT we must not have ANY EXTRA PEOPLE at the rehearsals - ONLY our performers and a caregiver.  For the Saturday rehearsal there will be no spectators in the audience (except for the junior finale rehearsal).   Fathers will have access to a quick change dressing room backstage to help with costumes changes if required on the Saturday rehearsal.


Note – you have 3 dates to write down for photos and rehearsals (plus show performances), only photograph day is optional although we would love all of our students’ to be there.  Please check your times on the studio wall or on our website on the awda news page:

·    Photo day (held at AWDA studio) on Sunday 24th November

·    Rehearsal (held at Avondale College) 1st half Wednesday 27th November or for the 2nd half Thursday 29th November

·    Full Dress Rehearsal (held at Waitakere College) everyone Saturday 30th November each item twice AND compulsory finale rehearsal –Juniors (11:30-12:30) or Seniors (1:00-2:00)

·    Plus the show performances and after show prize giving 1st & 2nd December

Finale and Prize Giving Organisation

Level is taken from the grade that you are currently in (not from exams)

Junior Grades

After Sunday 2:30 show

Senior Grades

After Monday 6:30 show

Little Dancers

Pre Primary


Dance Stars

Junior Jazz

Pre Grade

Grade 1 – 3 Ballet, Jazz and Tap

Contemporary Level 4

Level 1-4 Hip Hop

Grade 4 and above Ballet, Jazz and Tap

Level 6 and above Hip Hop

Senior Contemporary

All Lyrical




SUNDAY 1st December – 2.30pm show

Dancers performing in the 1st half will need to be there at 2.00pm, earlier if you are in the first few items.  Dancers in the 2nd half will need to be there at 3.00pm.

JUNIORS will stay backstage throughout the show and be looked after by the parent/caregiver supervisor of the group.  Prize giving will be at approximately 4.30pm. 

SENIORS can go after they have danced unless they are staying to help to look after the juniors.  We will need quite a few older students to look after the juniors.

The Juniors will then go onstage for their prize giving at the end of the show.  Please note that this is long time for the Junior School dancers to be there; the show is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes in length and the prize giving is at the end of the show.  Please supply your child with something quiet they can do during the show e.g. colouring in books but leave all valuables at home.  Note that no parent/caregiver is allowed backstage except the official supervisor for each class.  Not every student can receive a prize but all will receive a show ribbon (so no students leave empty handed).

MONDAY 2nd December – 6.30pm show

Dancers performing in the 1st half will need to be there at 6.00pm, earlier if you are in the first few items.  Dancers in the 2nd half will need to be there at 7.00pm.

Most JUNIOR items are in the first half of the show, students can go at half time or once they have danced.  If parents of juniors are watching this night please let us know so that we can be sure they will be looked after backstage. SENIORS wait backstage after they have danced for their finale and prize giving.

We think the show will finish approximately 9.15 p.m.


TICKETS -   Please do not leave buying tickets too late!

We expect the Sunday afternoon show to sell out!! 

TICKETS -   Tickets are to be ordered through iTICKET

Book online                                                      

For phone booking call 0508 iTICKET 0r (09) 361 1000

Payment may be made by credit card, cheque or by cash/eftpos (via NZ Post shops*)

*this is a payment facility only, tickets must first be booked via iTICKET, post shop payments will incur an additional $2 admin fee.  This year there is an eTicket option when purchasing tickets.

Booking fees will apply from iTicket

Adult Tickets (15 years and over) - $28

Children’s tickets - $20

Note: Dancers must not come into the audience on the nights they perform, so please do not order tickets for them.

BEFORE you book be 100% sure which nights your child dances. 


Exciting news - scholarships available via application for 2020 tuition – parents/students are invited to apply for a scholarship for tuition for classes next year.  More details soon but scholarship recipients will be chosen based on financial need/love of dance/commitment to AWDA.  All ages/levels/abilities will be considered. 




Term 1 will begin Friday 7th February 2020

We are having enrolment days on Friday 31st January from 3.00pm to 5.30pm and Saturday 1st February from 10.00am to 12.30pm.

This will be the ideal time to buy or order new leotards, shoes, music etc, pay for your Term 1 fees with prompt discount subtracted and to confirm class enrolments.


If we have enough enrolments we will have the following new classes available in 2020:

¨       Stretch Leap & Spin Intermediate Level

¨       Divided lyrical class from Monday

¨       New junior lyrical and/or contemporary classes

¨       Junior hip hop

¨       New Little Dancers (beginners) classes

All classes will remain the same day & time unless you receive a notice.


It would be considerate if you would let us know if you are not continuing dance tuition next year so that we can enrol someone else in your place, or join two classes that may become too small.

MCj04127860000[1]Kym 027 264 7287