Dare to Dream – End of Year Show – 2nd December 2.30pm & 3rd December 6.30pm 2018


You will need PER ITEM:

·     1 x photograph day time

·       1 x weekday rehearsal (either Thursday or Friday)

·       1 x finale rehearsal (either Friday or Saturday)

·       1 x weekend rehearsal on Saturday            (2 ½ hours, time depending on which half item is in)

·     2 x show dates – all items in both shows


If you are in more than one item check which school they are in as you might be needed for both finales & rehearsal days





Arrive 15 minutes prior to your photograph start time.  If possible come already in costume; and for student’s old enough please drop your child off and pick them up 45 minutes later.

Please get changed and wait in studio 1.  Pay for individual photographs upstairs in waiting room - $7 for a printed photo and $10 for a printed photo plus it emailed.

Photographs will be taken in studio 2, caregivers to stay upstairs.

Rehearsal in costume after photograph is taken in studio 3.

Expect to be there for 45 minutes.

Example – if you photo is at 4pm, arrive at 3.45, photo at 4pm, rehearsal at 4.15pm, finish at 4.30 if running on time.  If you arrive at the time your photo is meant to be taken you could miss out on having your photograph taken, we will not wait or redo photos however you are welcome to get an individual photo.


Sunday 25th November

Photo Schedule

09:00 – Toccata, Get Out of My Dreams

09:15 – I Dream of Jeannie, Mr. Sandman

09:30 – Cinderella

09:45 – How Does a Moment, Believer

10:00 – Another Day of Sun, Dream On

10:15 – What Dreams are Made Of, I just Can’t Wait to Be King

10:30 – Dream, A Dream is a Wish, One Night Only

10:45 – Sweet Dreams, I Want it All

11:00 – Michael Jackson Dream Tour, The Dream Escape

11:15 – You Raise Me Up, Dreaming of the Old School

11:30 – The Dream Team, Beautiful Lucid Dreaming

11:45 – A Million Dreams, Shut Up and Dance

12:00 – Dream It Possible

12:15 – Lunch Break

12:45 – Nightmares, Don’t Stop Believing

1:00 – The Fame, Imagine

1:15 – Remember My Name, Mind Control

1:30 – Dreams Like This, Wildest Dreams

1:45 – Listen, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

2:00 – I’m Still Standing, One That I want

2:15 – California Dreaming, Breaking Through

2:30 – Finish

Note:  No photographs for Men’s item or open item – photos will be taken at Avondale College.



THURSDAY 29 NOVEMBER – 1st HALF ITEMS (please wear full costume)

3.30pm   DREAM ON – Pre Grade (Georgia)

3.40pm   I DREAM OF JEANNIE – Junior Jazz (Sarah)

3.50pm   SWEET DREAMS – Grade 6 & Intermediate 1 Jazz (Keri)

4.00pm   NIGHTMARES – Contemporary Level 5 & 6 (Sarah)

4.15pm   A MILLION DREAMS – Pre Primary & Grade 3 Ballet (Kym)

4.30pm   GET OUT OF MY DREAMS – Grade 1 Jazz (Georgia & Stevie)

4.40pm   MICHAEL JACKSON DREAM TOUR – Open Class (Sarah)

4.50pm   BEAUTIFUL LUCID DREAMING – Senior Silver & Gold Hip Hop (Tamzin)

5.05pm   I WANT IT ALL – Grade 1 & 2 Jazz (Kym)

5.20pm   A DREAM IS A WISH – Primary Ballet & Grade 1 Ballet (Lucy)

5.30pm   DON’T STOP BELIEVING – Grade 5 Jazz (Keri)

5.40pm   MR SANDMAN – Dance Stars (Maddy)

5.50pm   HOW DOES A MOMENT– Grade 2 & 4 Ballet (Georgia)

6.05pm   LISTEN – Advanced Bronze Lyrical (Sarah)

6.15pm   BELIEVER – Grade 6 & Pre Major Jazz (Kym & Shannon)

6.30pm   WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF – Little Dancers & Dance Stars (Stevie)

6.45pm   DREAMING OF THE OLD SCHOOL – Junior Gold Hip Hop (Sarah)

6.55pm   I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING – Junior Jazz (Georgia)

7.05pm   ONE NIGHT ONLY – BAL Grade 5 Jazz (Sarah)

7.15pm   TOCCATA – Tap (Kym & Georgia)

7.30pm   SUPERHEROES – Men’s Item (Sarah)


8.25pm   FINISH

8.30pm   VENUE CLOSED   


FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER – 2nd HALF (please wear full costume)

3.30pm   THE FAME – BAL Gd 2 & Advanced Jazz (Kym & Georgia)

3.40pm   CALIFORNIA DREAMING – Pre Major & Major Jazz (Keri)

3.55pm   SHUT UP AND DANCE – Grade 4 Jazz (Sarah)

4.05pm   IMAGINE – Intermediate Foundation Ballet (Shannon)

4.15pm   DREAM – Contemporary Level 3 (Sarah)

4.25pm   CINDERELLA ACT II EXTRACTS – Senior Ballet (Kym)

5.00pm   I’M STILL STANDING – Grade 3 Jazz (Kym)

5.10pm   GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN – Pre Grade & Grade 2 Jazz (Keri)

5.20pm   MIND CONTROL – Senior Bronze Hip Hop (Sarah)

5.30pm   THE DREAM TEAM – Advanced Bronze & Gold Hip Hop (Sarah)

5.40pm   YOU RAISE ME UP – Grade 1 & 5 Ballet (Kym)

5.55pm   THE DREAM ESCAPE – Int Silver & Gold Hip Hop (Sarah & Tamzin)

6.10pm   DREAMS LIKE THIS – Grade 5 Jazz (Stevie)

6.20pm   ANOTHER DAY OF SUN – Senior Jazz (Kym)

6.30pm   Break

6.45pm   WILDEST DREAMS – Senior Bronze Lyrical (Sarah)

6.55pm   DREAM IT POSSIBLE – Senior Gold Lyrical (Sarah)

7.05pm   ONE THAT I WANT – Grade 4 Jazz (Kym)

7.15pm   REMEMBER MY NAME – Grade 3 Jazz (Georgia)

7.25pm   BREAKING THROUGH – Senior Troupe (Sarah & Amy)

7.40pm   FINALE – senior school for Monday night COMPULSORY FOR ALL SENIORS

8.40pm   FINISH

8.45pm   VENUE CLOSED   


All students who are in the senior prize giving on the Monday show must attend the compulsory finale rehearsal and notes 7.40pm on Friday 30th November.



8.45am – 11.30am

1st HALF

Run through twice in show order full costume changes each practice

11.30am – 12.30pm

JUNIOR SCHOOL FINALE for Sunday 2:30 show

Parents come into audience to listen to notes


12.30pm – 1.30pm


1.30pm – 4.00pm

2nd HALF

Run through twice in show order full costume changes


Please note, this year every single item will run through twice on Saturday; please fully change your costume & hair for all practices. We will have a short break between the first and second run through to assist with changes. 


Junior items – please do not leave until you are advised.

Senior items – may go after their 2nd run through.

All the dancers get ‘a talk’ on the stage during finale practice. 

Saturday will have lighting like the show and everyone will need full makeup.  

There are no spectators permitted in the audience during the Saturday rehearsal. 


1ST HALF students will be needed at 8.30 a.m. to be ready to dance at 8.45am, until approx. 11.30 am.  We start with number 1 on the programme so it is imperative the first few items are there early!!


COMPULSORY: Junior’s must stay until 12.30pm for the finale practice and parent notes.  Any juniors who are in the 2nd half only need to be at the venue by 11.15 to line up for the finale rehearsal.


OPEN ITEM This year is included in the first half run through so you must be ready to dance at 8.45am, if you are in an item towards the end of the half we will allow you time to change between run throughs.


MEN’S ITEM This year included in the first half run through (at the end of the half), however we will do the 2nd run through immediately.


2ND HALF students will be needed, ready to dance, at 1.30pm until 4.00pm approximately. This will be run through twice; costume / dance notes will be given between run throughs.  You may leave after your second practice.

Finale and Prize giving Organisation

Junior Grades

After Sunday 2:30 show

Senior Grades

After Monday 6:30 show

Little Dancers

Pre Primary


Dance Stars

Junior Jazz

Pre Grade

Grade 1 – 3

Contemporary Level 3

Junior/Intermediate Hip Hop

Junior/Intermediate Lyrical

Grade 4 and above Ballet, Jazz and Tap

Senior & Advanced Hip Hop

Senior Contemporary

Senior/Advanced Lyrical




SUNDAY 2ND December – 2.30pm show – Junior Prizegiving

MONDAY 3RD December – 6.30pm show – Senior Prizegiving


TICKETS -   Tickets are to be ordered through iTICKET and on sale from 1 November.

Book online www.iticket.co.nz                                                      

For phone booking call 0508 iTICKET 0r (09) 361 1000

Payment may be made by credit card, cheque or by cash/eftpos (via NZ Post shops*)

*this is a payment facility only, tickets must first be booked via iTICKET, post shop payments will incur an additional $2 admin fee.  This year there is an eTicket option when purchasing tickets.

Booking fees will apply from iTicket

Adult Tickets (15 years and over) - $25

Children’s tickets - $18



Times are as follows:

Tuesday 9.30am – Fairy Feet (pre-school ballet)

Tuesday 10.00am – Fairy Feet (pre-school ballet)

Friday 3.30pm – Funky Steps (for movers and groovers)

Saturday 8.30am – Fairy Feet (pre-school ballet) – only on if numbers are sufficient

Saturday 9.00am – Funky Steps (for movers and groovers)

Saturday 10.30am – Fairy Feet (pre-school ballet)

Saturday at 11.00am – Mini Movers (pre-school dance for 4 year olds)

$30 for a 5 lesson concession card